Not Going Anywhere For a While?

Good lord that was fun. The only thing better than beating Florida is beating another team in Orange, so Clemson surely applies here. I was confident we had the better team, but also nervous because I’ve been watching Georgia football for the last twenty years. Yet we won and it was huge. The score was 10–3 but it never felt that close. The closest Clemson ever got was when JT Daniels threw an interception to give them a short field. Even then all they could manage was a field goal.

The game came down almost exactly as I predicted (except for the final score). If I may, allow myself to brag on myself for a bit, because this rarely happens. I said it would be a defensive struggle (check). I said it would come down to the line of scrimmage (check). I said whoever’s OL played better would win (check). I said turnovers and special teams would play a factor (check, as our only TD was off of a turnover). Clemson’s RB play was virtually nonexistent and one could tell they missed not only Trevor Lawrence, but more so Travis Etienne. Removing sack yardage, Clemson ran for 24 yards. Adding sack yardage it was 2 (two).

I would put this up there with one of my all-time favorite victories in the Kirby Smart era. For me it surpasses both Notre Dame wins and comes close to the Rose Bowl win. The 2017 SEC Championship game or the 2018 Georgia-Florida game might be ahead of it currently. I’m trying to enjoy the moment. 2017 was the most fun I’ve ever had watching this team play. I’m hoping 2021 will be the same only with a better ending. From where I sit, it looks like a good probability.

If it happens, expect this song on repeat…