One Day Closer…

High school football recruits have not been able to visit college campuses for over a year. Apparently there was this world-wide pandemic that spread a little too well indoors. Anyway, starting June 1st, the high school kids can be back on a college campus. I’m excited for them. This is a once in a lifetime type of opportunity and they should enjoy it.

Georgia has quite the June set up for visits. Seemingly everyone who is anyone is paying Athens a visit. They have to squeeze them in quick because the dead period begins again in July. It’s going to be Fast and Furious (starring Vin Diesel) for the month of June and I’m here for it.

However, I will admit I’m not as into recruiting as I was in 2016–2019. That was when it was fun for me. Georgia was stacking highly recruited and ranked kids like never before in their history. These recruits helped UGA reach heights they haven’t seen since early in Mark Richt’s tenure. Eventually though the novelty wore off. The kids got more wishy washy and amping up the drama to fully enjoy their moment. (I want to put it on record I’m okay with high school kids fully enjoying their experience, but I don’t have to partake myself). Recruiting just didn’t have the same juice it used to for me.

If it does for you, then you will have your moment in a few days. And heck, who knows, all this excitement may get me back into it myself.



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