November Draft Preview

Kasey Taylor
3 min readNov 27, 2021
Chan is the man

Better late than never on our November draft preview and man has so much happened since the last update. Adam Anderson is under fire and will more than likely not be in the 2022 draft due to his legal troubles. In his place steps ILB Channing Tindall who has been so close to greatness and finally as a senior he seems to be unlocking it. He, Nakobe Dean, and Quay Walker have all been playing at the same time with Tindall playing the OLB/DE hybrid vacated by Adam Anderson. The man is like a heat seeking missile out there on the field and it is a sight to behold.

Jamaree Salyer has been dinged up the last couple of weeks and barring a great combine workout, he may slide back into the second round. But Channing Tindall and Nakobe Dean may sneak into the first round.


  1. Derion Kendrick, CB. The scuttlebutt this summer was that Kendrick would help in the beginning, then lose his spot to the combo of Ringo and Kimber. Instead Kendrick has been really good all season long. He has a chance to sneak into the first round if he tests well for speed. Would like to extend a special thanks to Dabo Swinney for letting him go.
  2. James Cook, RB. The last month this kid has finally come into his own. He’s running hard, he’s being impactful in the passing game, and he’s looking like a complete running back. I don’t think he will get drafted in the first round, but he certainly could get drafted in the second round. Before this year I thought he’d be a gadget guy in the fourth or fifth round. Not any more.
  3. Stetson Bennett, IV, QB. Hey, if Jake Fromm can get drafted in the fifth round, couldn’t Stet get drafted in the 7th? Who would’ve thought that before the season?


  1. Latavious Brini, DB. He hasn’t had a good last couple of games. When opposing teams want to pick on someone in the secondary, Brini is the one.
  2. JT Daniels, QB. He may have to come back next year or go to another school. His injury this year has really set him back. I would love to see him out there again playing, but it feels like it’s Stetson’s team at this point.
  3. Robert Beal, OLB. Another guy who may just be at his ceiling in college. Good hand, but when compared to some of the other studs, it is obvious he has been recruited over. Still a good soldier though.


The person who is going to go top 10 in a few seasons? Brock Bowers. If he keeps this up, the guy is going to be a top ten pick. I’m just trying to savor how fun it is to watch this kid because I know he’s going to be three and out.



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