Draft Dawgs

1st round energy

Well, we did it. I wasn’t sure it could happen, but it did. The 2021 UGA Bulldogs broke the modern draft record. 15 (fifteen) players were taken which is the most ever in the seven round draft era. Let’s take a look back at where they’re all going.

  1. Travon Walker, DE, Jaguars. In January I hoped Travon would return for his senior year (selfishly). At the time I thought he was a borderline first rounder and could put himself in the top ten if he returned to school. Clearly I was wrong because here he is going first overall. Can’t get much higher than that. Just another feather in the cap of Kirby. Looking like a ceremonial headdress at this point.

So that’s all of them. What’s crazy is how Jermaine Johnson II was on this team once upon a time. If Adam Anderson hadn’t got into trouble that would’ve been another first rounder and make the record a bit more untouchable. Next year Jalen Carter and Kelee Ringo look to be first rounders and continue the winning tradition.



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Kasey Taylor

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