Catching Up With the Dawgs

“When does this guy graduate??”

Feels like I’ve been dropping the ball a little lately. Kind of like Bo Nix whenever he’s running for his life against our front seven. In case you missed it, we disposed of another “nobody” in their own house this past weekend. We took out Auburn 34–10 without most of our starters at WR and our backup QB who was a walk-on once upon a time (you’re probably exhausted by the story by now). Auburn was getting some shine because they beat LSU in their house for the first time since Bill Clinton was president. He did a decent Johnny Manziel impression in that game, but we all know he isn’t Johnny Manziel.

At the beginning of the game Auburn marched down the field on a great scripted drive. It wasn’t good enough because they only managed to notch a field goal. To be honest, it should have been zero, but the refs gifted Auburn the ball back after Bo Nix fumbled it on one of his BS attempts to not take a sack by throwing the ball to no one in particular. Anyway, it was our first time trailing all season. After a three and out, we managed to score a field goal late in the first quarter on our way to 24 unanswered points. Auburn got a TD late in the third quarter from jilted Georgia native Tank Bigsby, but the game was over by then.

I will give credit to Auburn, they played us tough. Their OL looked better than they had previously. Their defense came to play. Ultimately though, they aren’t in our league any longer. They used to sneak into Georgia and pull 1–2 top ranked players in the state every year. They haven’t been able to do that as easily with Kirby in charge. If we want the guy, we generally get him. Now we aren’t competing for the same guys. Their recruiting rankings have steadily gone down the last few years and the last few years ass kickings has borne that out. The beatings will continue.

Now we face a Kentucky who just took care of Florida and LSU in back to back weeks. They are the new hot undefeated team looking to make their name on Georgia’s backs. Announcers are doing their job talking up the Wildcats like they are about to shock the world. They are not about to shock the world. This is not a trap game. This is for the SEC East. Kentucky is a good football team. They may win ten games this year. But their two biggest wins this season were in the friendly confines of Kroger Field in Lexington. One game they needed a miracle blocked kick run back for a TD and some brain farts from the opposing team’s head coach to win. The other they defeated a team who was once a proud champion and is now a shell of its former self with players who seem to be going through the motions. If I may paraphrase The Replacements, color me unimpressed.

I see this game playing out one of two ways…either the home crowd will overwhelm the Wildcats similar to the way it overwhelmed the Razorbacks, they get in a hole early and never get out. Or they come in with some pride and punch us in the mouth like Auburn did before getting the beatdown. Either way it’s a loss for the Wildcats. I’m predicting the Arkansas scenario.

37–6 Dawgs on Top.

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