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Kasey Taylor
3 min readNov 5, 2021
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Revenge Tour Stop 1: Accomplished.

Sorry it took me so long to gloat over this victory. I was out of the country during the game (Canada) and it was a minor miracle I could see the game at all without going to a bar. The result was no less satisfying, but I didn’t have my laptop to properly document my giddiness. No matter, I’m here now and couldn’t be happier.

That’s not true…if we had gotten the shutout I would’ve been much happier. Those ditch lizards wriggled off the hook again.

We were sloppy in the first half. When we started moving the ball, we would stall out and have to kick a field goal. Our defense was still as advertised, although they were able to have more success than most at running the ball. All Florida fans were stoked their redshirt freshman phenom QB Anthony Richardson would be starting the game. Then he turned the ball over three times in the last two and a half minutes which we cashed in to the tune of 21 points. It was glorious I tell you.

Instead of going into the half down 3–0 or 10–0 getting the ball first out of the half, they were down 24–0 and the game was effectively over. We would tack on ten more points. Once Richardson left the game with a concussion, Florida QB pariah Emory Jones engineered their only scoring drive. I was mad when they scored that touchdown, but they missed an easy FG earlier, so I guess it was bound to happen.

So we righted last year’s wrong and dropped Florida to 4–4. They’re a mess and I’m here for it. They are reaping the harvest of average recruiting along the lines of scrimmage. They have some decent payers, but not more than four or five game changers. They have no one on Kyle Pitts’s level. They claim DBU but Kaiir Elam is a little overrated at this point. Their OL recruiting has been terrible the last three years and that will come to roost beginning next year. The portal can only help so much. This could be Florida’s new normal as long as Dan Mullen is the head coach.

Here were some of my favorite moments of the game:

  1. The aforementioned 21 point explosion.
  2. Jalen Carter sacking Anthony Richardson to the tune of a ten yard loss.
  3. Georgia QB Stetson Bennett scrambling away from former UGA OLB Brenton Cox and Cox completely quitting on the play.
  4. Bennett missing the handoff to Zamir White and making a positive play out of it anyway.
  5. Rashad Torrance II being a dummy and taking the INT out to the two which set up Nolan Smith’s strip of Richardson.
  6. The amazing TD catch by Kearis Jackson.

Now the hardest part of our schedule is done. We have Mizzou, Tennessee, Charleston Southern, and Georgia Tech. We are without Adam Anderson (which sucks) and JT Daniels still isn’t back. But now we have four games to tighten things up and build depth while getting healthy.



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