11 More Saturdays

The visitors for the first home game of the season

Eleven more Saturdays people…we are getting closer day by day. The second game of the season is against the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers. The team that went away and came back seemingly better than ever. No matter how much Nick Saban tries to kill all other football in state, this team has come back and played well. UAB will be a tough out for a half. Our depth and the humidity of Athens in September should win out.

I have great respect for UAB head coach Bill Clark. They’re a good story and a better football team considering their resources. Teams that hope to compete for a championship should not struggle with a team like UAB. This isn’t some spunky team from another power five conference. This is a group of five team without a winning tradition (like a UCF) that should be taken care of easily with the talent on both sides of the ball for Georgia.

I am not planning on making any predictions for these games regarding the score, but I envision covering the spread whatever it happens to be. Good teams win, great teams cover. UGA should cover or something has gone terribly wrong.



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Kasey Taylor

Here to talk UGA Football lovingly. FU football realistically. And other things SEC/College Football related.